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Scott Glazier - Fine Artist 

Russell Bolts - Apprentice                   

Scott Glazier’s art isn’t meant to instruct, but to suggest.

Having no formal training, S.H.G. has been making marks for over two decades and credits his motivations to several influential artists.  His own dedication and his love for sailing fuels his inspiration, influence and training. The movement within his work is a reflection of the energy he harnesses from the wind, which sales his ship. This natural flow translates into a sense of artistic permanence and nurtures his belief that every mark made, is meant to be a part of the piece. Nothing is erased, nor is it ever corrected.

S.H.G.’s work as a tattoo artist is perhaps the most literal translation of his sense of artistic permanence. Accordingly, he has been tattooing since 2007 and enjoys connecting with a growing list of dedicated clients worldwide.

No gallery representation, art work is viewable by private appointment only.

Commissioned works are a year and a half out. 

Commission inquiries; please email.


Thank you!

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